for oil and gas treatment

The chemical NGN-1 is designed to neutralize the hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in refinery and oilfield water (grade B), as well as for the absorption of light mercaptan sulfur in oil and gas, as well as in gas condensate (grade A)
At the same time, it is a bactericide to suppress the sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) activity, and also increases injection capacity of wells.

The chemical contains additives with inhibitory effect on the metal.

  • Neutralizer of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.
  • Provides for absorption of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans over a wide range of pH, temperature and pressure values.
  • Improves quality of oil and oil products.
  • The oil properties do not deteriorate with an excess of the chemical.
  • Improves water treatment process.
  • Increases injection capacity of wells.
  • Free of chlororganic compounds.
  • Low cost and availability.
  • Convenient commodity form.