pour point depressant for oil and diesel fuel

Korsin DP additive Grades A, B - the product is polymer-based and reduces the pour point and viscosity of oil and fuel oils during production and transportation.

In practice, the use of pour point depressant makes it possible to reduce the pour point of oil from positive values to minus 20 °C.

  • The additive is used to improve the low-temperature properties of oils and diesel fuels (reducing the pour point, cold filter plugging point, improving fluidity at low temperatures).
  • Korsin DP is a complex action additive containing a drag reducer, which is sorbed on the surface of paraffin crystals and prevents their further growth, and a dispersant, which forms paraffin crystals into a stable dispersion, thus increasing the sedimentation stability of petroleum products at low temperatures.
  • Korsin DP pour point depressant is available in the following grades: Korsin DP, grade A (for oil), Korsin DP, grade B (for diesel fuel)