Diesel fuel additive CIKLEN Ts solution to the problem concerning the improvement of diesel fuel flammability. Flammability is one of the critical characteristics of diesel fuel.

The cetane number characterizes the ignition ability of diesel fuel and determines the engine power and economic performance.
Cetane numbers are directly dependent on the hydrocarbon composition of diesel fuels (paraffin and aromatic hydrocarbon content). This determines, how environmentally friendly the fuel is and its performance characteristics.
CIKLEN D additive increases the cetane number of diesel fuel.

The optimal values for diesel fuel are 40-55 units. Adding a cetane boost additive of 0.3% increases the cetane number by 7-9 units.

  • Affordable cost and availability.
  • Convenient commodity form.
  • Improves water treatment process.
  • Helps increase the pipeline permeability.
  • Increases the equipment service life.
  • Reduces the overhaul period.
  • Free of organochlorine and has no adverse effect on oil treatment and refining processes.
  • The chemical belongs to the 4th hazard class.